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—Matthew Woodward

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Not only do we have two amazing deals to choose from, but they come with the highest discounts ever on all our WooCommerce hosting plans…. See more

In 2023, e-commerce is a really big deal.

And that’s not just Amazon, Etsy, and the other big players.

E-commerce – selling physical products online through a Web store – is very much a strong, viable digital business option for smaller-scale entrepreneurs and solopreneurs nowadays – exactly who was built for. estimates that over 4 million websites worldwide are built on WooCommerce today, making it the world’s most popular open-source e-commerce solution... See more

Imagine that you’re thinking of buying a new car: But you can’t decide between Toyota Corolla, a Mazda 3 or a Honda Civic.

So to help you decide, you don’t bother with the over-the-top hype on each manufacturer’s website but instead you actually want credible, unbiased INDEPENDENT assessments of those cars, so that you can then make an informed decision about which car is best suited to your particular needs (no product or service in the world is right for everyone)… See more

Dog shelters perform noble work, providing care and refuge for dogs when they need it most. However, they often face many challenges, including limited resources, staff shortages, and a constant influx of homeless pets. Luckily, there are many ways in which you can extend a helping hand and significantly impact the well-being of innocent animals.

Precisely this has been our dedication for the past four years by funding Every Dog Matters EU… See more

We have taken a step further when it comes to animal welfare, especially for unwanted, homeless, shelter, at-risk, and disabled dogs and some cats.
Maybe 2 or 3 steps.
Instead of leaving the responsibility to permanently fix a big issue to someone else, we created our own nonprofit NGO,, with the single ambition of eliminating – forever – the leading animal welfare problem in Eastern Europe, where we are basedSee more


Picking the right theme is crucial for your WordPress site launch. A good choice can help your site look good, and load fast. A bad choice can spell trouble for your store’s performance, and even make it hard to build a store in the first place. So how do you choose? According to WordPress, there are over 10,000 free themes in its repository. And a lot more premium themes… See more

Did you know that Google currently processes an average of forty-thousand searches per second? That means that by the time you’ve read to the bottom of this article – and learned all you need to know about driving traffic to your website along the way – almost 14,000,000 search queries will have been answered by the search engine giant. Surely that’s a wagon we all want to jump on! 

But how do we ensure our own websites – be they personal blogs, ecommerce sites, business profiles or podcast streaming services – get a slice of the Google pie? … See more

Good SEO data can’t singlehandedly carry your pages to the first spot on Google. You need a lot more to conquer the SERP. 

However, learning how to write perfect SEO titles and meta descriptions can help with your page’s indexing, click-through rate, and plenty more. On competitive queries, it’s a crucial differentiating factor to help you stand out. So let’s find out what makes good metadata, and how you can take your SEO titles and descriptions to the next level… See more

So you just created your website or server, but you don’t have a webmail service. What next?

This is actually a common issue, since most hosting providers don’t offer a webmail service alongside their core web hosting services. You’ll usually need to pay extra for a webmail client, or integrate a free, open-source version on your own.

We want to help you kickstart this process. That’s why we analyzed the best webmail clients in 2023. Here’s what we found… See more

There are almost 7 million blogs published every day, which means you’ve got to work hard if you want your blog posts to stand out from the crowd. Growing your blog to millions of readers is equally, if not more challenging. Luckily, thanks to technology, there are tools you can use to lighten the load. In this post, some marketing experts share their personal experiences… See more

Just started a blog? Now’s the perfect time to leverage that initial energy to build a solid foundation for future growth. To do that properly, you’ll need to harness the power of SEO.  In this article, I’ll share my 11 step SEO game plan for new bloggers to rank on Google faster. Once your articles start ranking in organic search, you can tap into endless monetization possibilities and earn a good living from your blog. Once your articles start ranking in organic search, you can tap into endless monetization possibilities and earn a good living from your blog. Why listen to me? I’ve been blogging for over a decade… See more

Proper niche selection is crucial when building any online business. If you go into a competitive market without the proper investment, your fledgling project is destined to fail. Similarly, if you throw everything you have at a niche market with low conversions, you’ll be disappointed by the annual revenue report.

But picking the best niche markets is hard, and time-consuming. What if you want to kickstart the research process?… See more

Through constructive co-operation last year, the popular WP plugin, WP Rocket, has been optimized for WPX’s custom technology platform – something that will deliver even greater page loading speed AND Core Web Vitals scores for WPX customers running WP Rocket.

WP Rocket is the #1 WordPress Caching Plugin. With 2.6M+ websites in orbit. WordPress experts recommend WP Rocket as the best WordPress caching plugin to achieve incredible speed results, improve your PageSpeed score and optimize your
Core Web Vitals… See more

Rank Math has quickly become the industry standard for SEO on WordPress. It’s a reliable tool, it doesn’t slow down your site, and it’s very easy to use. So how can you start optimizing with Rank Math? In this guide on how to use Rank Math, I’ll walk you through everything you need to do, from installation to daily on-page tweaks. To install Rank Math, you’ll need to open your left sidebar in the WordPress dashboard, hover your cursor on “Plugins” and click on                     “Add New.”… See more

Affiliate marketing isn’t a niche blog monetization tactic. It’s a 17 billion dollar industry, generating 16% of all e-commerce revenue. That’s a huge market, with immense growth potential for your business. But how do you know you’re tapping into all of that potential? How do you pick the best affiliate marketing programs for 2023, and beyond? That’s where our research comes into play. We analyzed dozens of affiliate marketing networks and individual programs to find the ones that can skyrocket your income. Below you’ll find our top 19 picks… See more

Are you looking for a way to make money online in 2023? If so, affiliate marketing could be the perfect opportunity for you. It consists of your promoting products or services from other companies through a blog. But how do you get started? The biggest challenge many people face when starting out with affiliate marketing is understanding what it takes to build a successful business. With so much information on the Internet, it can seem overwhelming and difficult to know where to start… See more

Are you a blogger struggling to make money from your blog in 2023? Or, you don’t know how to monetize your blog yet.

No worries, you’re not alone!

Monetizing your own blog can be an uphill battle, especially when finding effective methods that work for you and your audience. You may have tried several monetization techniques over the years, only to find out they don’t bring in enough revenue or aren’t the right fit for your content… See more

If you need to reach a wide audience, TikTok is the platform you can’t afford to ignore. Hundreds of millions of users worldwide flock to this social media network to make friends, attract fans, and share the products that they use in their daily lives.

Your products and services must appear on this platform if you want modern buyers to know they exist. Fortunately, TikTok has been well-designed for marketers’ needs, and it’s easy to start. This guide will help you learn everything you need to know…. See more

As a business owner, one of the most important strategies to ensure success is having effective collaborative meetings. Collaborative meetings are opportunities for team members to come together and work collectively toward reaching a goal or achieving objectives. They provide an environment where individuals can contribute ideas, share knowledge, and brainstorm solutions that benefit the entire group… See more

At the end of each year and before we all start making New Year’s Resolutions for next year (already? phew!), it’s nice to look back on the last 12 months and toast to personal and business achievements.

Between supply chain issues, the pandemic aftermath, skyrocketing inflation and the war in Ukraine, the world felt pretty… See more

Growing up, all I ever wanted to do was to fly airplanes. So I studied hard, went through flight school, and gained my commercial pilot’s license. The ultimate goal was to fly internationally for a major airline. 

And I achieved that in 2013. Now I found myself being in the air for 14 hours across the Pacific Ocean in the middle of the night, flying passengers to exotic destinations. I had made it. I was so proud of what I had achieved that I now needed something else to focus on and keep my mind active… See more

The topic of today’s column: a feature that was launched silently in the middle of this year, has been working ever since, and is getting support from 3rd parties. It goes by the decidedly uninspired name of “Remote Cache Invalidation” and there is a good chance your WPX-hosted websites are probably using it at all times without… See more

At WPX, we get approached to partner with many companies. We usually refuse UNLESS we know the product is solid and their customer support is excellent.

Thousands of content, SEO, and marketing specialists use Surfer SEO to massively accelerate their digital marketing.

With Surfer’s smart algorithms, you will quickly find the best content opportunities based on a deep analysis of Google’s current Page 1 rankings, create a content strategy for months ahead, and write compelling pages based on data-driven guidelines… See more

Last summer, I wrote a column for WPX called ‘A Better Web Mail Client for WPX‘. In my opinion, the officially available web-based mail client the company offered to its users back then was functional but not sufficiently convenient. 
Sure, most people nowadays get mail on their phones, and mostly read it but seldom respond to it. But there are still those of us who read and write lots of long messages. For us, that webmail wouldn’t cut it… See more

Blogging is an excellent way for brands to promote themselves. Studies have shown a brand publishing blog posts regularly can generate 67% more leads than other brands. In addition, more blog posts can help with link-building campaigns, search ranking and better customer engagement.

Yet numerous brands have not yet made a success of their blog. There can be several reasons brands struggle to succeed with blogging, like experience, writing expertise or time. A passion for a topic is one of the essential requirements writers need to ensure their blog is successful… See more

Once upon a time, the iPhone 1.0 seemed amazing and all the phone anyone could ever possibly need.
The same goes for stuff like cars before Teslas, the AltaVista search engine, MySpace and Hotmail (is it still a thing?).
The point is that technology obviously changes over time but more importantly, our demands and expectations of tech keep going up and up too.
Which brings us to WordPress hosting in general and WPX in particular… See more

Consumers love to shop online. Every year the value of online sales will grow by more than 17% until 2027. So how can you build your online business to ensure you benefit from this trend? 

We spoke to several eCommerce growth experts, and they gave us their top tips on how you can build a more successful business. From optimizing your call-to-action to using countdown timers for urgency, they’ve provided various tools and strategies proven to work. Check out their advice below… See more

When it comes to generating quality leads for your SaaS business, finding the right strategy can be a challenge, especially when marketing isn’t your strength. The fact that prospects are becoming increasingly more knowledgeable makes it even more difficult. 

Spamming prospects with one pitch after another is no longer effective. What’s required is more sophisticated prospecting and engagement methods… See more

B2B content marketing and B2C marketing are entirely different beasts. the purpose is the same, however, in the case of B2B content marketing, the content absolutely has to be useful above everything else. It can be entertaining and funny too, but the utility is a critical feature. For your business to be successful and keep up with changing times, your B2B marketing must be useful and meaningful and also distributed efficiently. if your current content marketing strategy feels like it’s falling flat, or you’re just starting out with a new B2B business, the following B2B content marketing hacks could bring better results for less work… See more

If you want to achieve stellar growth for your business, SaaS growth hacking strategies have been tried and tested by countless developers, marketers, and creative founders. If you’re not sure what this term means you’re not alone. It’s become very trendy in marketing and entrepreneurial circles.

In the following post, the veil is going to be pulled back and you’ll find out how you can make growth hacking work for your business… See more

Technology is a constantly changing industry with new products, discoveries, and trends popping up each day. As such, it can be hard to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to these new innovations. Thankfully, there are a few tech blogs that you can read for up-to-date information on the latest technological advancements in our world…

1. TechCrunch Blog – VentureBeat covers a plethora of topics including entrepreneurship, marketing, media, big data, AR/VR, and gaming. … See more

When it comes to graphic design, Canva is a robust tool with a seemingly endless number of design possibilities. Whether you’re creating posters, website banners, logos, or print materials, Canva can help you design graphics for almost every project. And with these Canva tips and tricks, you can fully take advantage of all the amazing features that this powerful tool has to offer…  See more

This is a question I hear quite often. People will ask me what I think about various popular WordPress security tools such as Sucuri, WordFence, etc.

My honest answer is that while such services can offer great value for a specific set of users, depending on the kind of hosting services you are using it might be pointless to have them, and that the money you would spend on such subscriptions might be better spent elsewhere… See more

Internet users who want to use email with their own domain have somewhat limited choices. Even though almost every web hosting company will offer you ‘free’ and often ‘unlimited’ mailboxes, the service is usually quite bare-bones. Useful Webmail GUIs are noticeably lacking.

If you handle email on a mobile device or use some desktop mail client software, this could be enough…  See more

One features that is typical for the WordPress / WooCommerce ecosystem is the rapid speed of development. The community is very prolific and its members create a lot of updates every single day. Some of them bring new and improved features; others address important security issues.
The constant need to apply a fast flowing stream of updates will quickly turn into a chore even for the most strong-willed WordPress website administrator… See more

In today’s column I will discuss a frequently ignored aspect of WordPress behavior: the handling of http 404 ‘not found’ errors. I will explain the implications of this problem and I will show you what I do to fix the issue.The issue with handling 404 ‘not found’ errors is that there are two very different situations where such errors can occur. These need to be handled differently — and they aren’t… See more

If you’re looking for information about social media, content marketing, or SEO, there is a wealth of marketing blogs you can pick
Unfortunately, there are so many that it can feel like the world and its wife are looking to sell or teach you something. Working your way through such noise can be quite a challenge.

Would you like some guidance, inspiration, and motivation... See more

The thing that motivates me in writing these columns for is my desire to help you achieve mastery over WordPress. And mastery implies having knowledge and exerting control.

There is one file within each WordPress installation that allows an inordinate amount of control over the behavior of the entire instance — core, themes and even some plugins: the wp-config.php file. You can use it to… See more

For any business, productivity has to be a top priority.
To help you give it the attention it deserves there is currently a boom in productivity software and philosophies you can tap into. If you want to make sure you’ve got what you need on your side, the following productivity hacks will make a massive difference, whatever industry you work in.

Put one, two, or more into practice and you won’t end your working day feeling you could have done more... See more

This blog post will be somewhat different from what I usually write for my column at WPX. For starters, it will be shorter than the average — which is, as the WPX team have delicately tried to suggest on more than a few occasions already — might not be that bad by itself.

But more importantly, this column is not structured as a solution for a specific problem… See more

I recently came across a new ambitious WP dashboard plugin by prolific developer Wibowo Sulistio which offers probably the most comprehensive set of data about your WordPress website and hosting environment one can get on a single screen. This plugin is called System Dashboard and you can download it from the Plugin Repository, or you can search for it from within the Add Plugins page of your WordPress dashboard...      See more

If you spend enough time in the business of creating and maintaining WordPress websites, there will inevitably come a time when a customer will reach out to you with a specific request: help them restore admin access to their WordPress website.

They will explain how they used to have somebody who worked on their website, but that person is now gone for whatever reason, and the customer can’t access their own website to make some important and urgent changes. Could you possibly help them out?… See more

Marketing podcasts are some of the best ways that business leaders can learn about growing their business. Numerous podcasts are available to download and listen to.

Research has shown there are two million podcasts available online with 48 million episodes.
One of the biggest advantages of marketing podcasts is that they often have a wide range of inspirations. Most will have weekly or regular guests that share their experiences/expertise. These can be powerful insights into what has worked for other business leaders.... See more

I have often found that reading is one of the best ways to learn something new. There are always new business books being released. Within them can be great learning points.

You can learn how to manage staff, cut costs or even market your business. Alternatively, they can be motivating. And these books are suited for many business models, including online businesses.

Reading can also form part of your continued professional development. A way that you or your team can improve technical skills…. See more

Out of the box, every WordPress installation relies upon the email delivering facilities of the server on which it is hosted. And while good web hosting companies (WPX included!) have done a lot to configure properly their mailers, many spam filters will see that emails from one domain name arrive via an IP address that resolves to another domain name, and this will be enough to flag those messages as spam.

The simplest and easiest way to fix this is to send emails with valid credentials — as if your WordPress site has received its own mailbox under your domain name.... See more

Being on the first page of Google is vital for website traffic.
Three out of every four searchers will never look past the first page on a search engine. Therefore, ranking on the first page through excellent SEO practices is just as important today as it has ever been.
The problem is that Google does a small algorithm change at least once a day. Keeping up with these changes is challenging even for the best SEO experts....See more

In this post I will show you how to disable WP Cron and why you should do that.Since its inception, WordPress is being developed to be simple to install and configure, and to allow running on a large range of platforms where end-user have different levels of control.

This certainly contributes to the popularity of WordPress, but over the years some of the architectural decision have proven to be less than optimal.....See more

In this series of blog posts which generously invited me to write, I plan to share with you things I have learned during my 20+ years of experience of building websites that you can apply to any project and save yourself some time.

Every beginning is difficult, so I will start at the moment a new WordPress website is created, and take it from there. That is why I chose as the first topic...See more

Although website speed has for a long time been seen as a “nice to have” for affiliate sites, Google’s increased emphasis on the importance of user experience means that affiliate sites need to focus on improving their website’s speed more than ever. 

Here we will go through the specific reasons why affiliate marketers should focus on improving their website’s speed and look at the potential gains that affiliate sites can make from doing so....See more

‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ is where companies contribute money or other resources to causes they believe are worthwhile. When it comes to animal welfare, especially for unwanted, homeless, shelter, at-risk and disabled dogs and some cats, WPX has taken this a step further. 

Maybe 2 or 3 steps...See more

Normally it’s pretty boring for a reader like you when a company blathers on about how wonderful they are, how “it’s the company birthday but you get all the presents” etc right? 

That’s all true BUT I will do my best today to explain WHY these 8 landmark features of WPX – to coincidentally align with our 8th birthday – are great for your online business, when hosted with WPX...See more

During October 2021, WPX wanted to celebrate our affiliate marketing customers (we have loads of ’em) with a big contest event. 1st prize was $5,000 cash while 2nd and 3rd would get access to the $997 training program of affiliate marketing legend, Matt Diggity. Matt was also the sole judge for this event. In terms of criteria, Matt looked for unique and/or effective affiliate marketing hacks and he also cited 3 Honorable Mentions, which appear below…See more

During August and September 2021, we made a bunch of short videos to tell the WPX story in a visual way (for Facebook and Instagram basically).

As you will see below, the best actor in the videos is Cookie, the Australian sheep dog, who was amazing and amazingly patient on the day of the recording. Cookie is featured here because of WPX’s longstanding commitment to helping unwanted dogs hereSee more

WPX currently hosts many part-time or full-time affiliate marketers and we wanted to celebrate that fact with a big contest for October 2021. 


Share your BEST affiliate marketing ‘quick win’, tip, hack or advice and you could win $5,000 cash (1st prize) as judged by affiliate marketing legend, Matt Diggity....See more

On August 2, 2021, all US services for WPX went offline for roughly 5 hours, including our own website,

Websites and emails were all affected. 

Even mail servers that we would use to notify customers of the problem were cut off from the Web, due to this outage.

The fault was quickly traced backed to the colocation company we use,, whose entire network went down. .See more

“My name is Kevin Ohashi. I run ReviewSignal and most recently launched Review Signal is the largest web hosting review site on the internet. It aggregates what people say on social media, mainly Twitter, what they’re saying about different hosting brands and analyzes it automatically. It uses a purely data-driven way to compare web hosting companies...See more

As we Web entrepreneurs know, getting traffic to our websites is one of our main tasks.

So when visitors do arrive at our website, they should have the best possible experience in terms of page loading speed and general usability.

Speed is why so many Webmasters move to WPX in the first place .See more

Every year, Kevin Ohashi from runs a batch of tests on different WordPress hosting companies to determine which are the best performers and which are not, regardless of the size of the company, how big the brand is or any other irrelevant factors (Bluehost, GoDaddy and SiteGround competed here, for example)See more

Back in 2020, Google announced that something called ‘Core Web Vitals’ would be a ranking factor for Google search results from May 2021 onwards. This announcement caused quite a ruckus among some Webmasters desperate to make sure that: [a] a poor Core Web Vitals score for their site wouldn’t drag it down in the Google rankings, and, [b] if a good Core Web Vitals score COULD help Google rankings, then they wanted to take advantage of that new development.See more

In light of some recent inaccurate comparisons between WPX and Kinsta that ‘accidentally’ omitted quite a few facts, I decided to set the record a little straighter with this comparison below (especially tests that don’t show the test URLs for independent verification: sneaky!)See more

Security vulnerabilities in (too) many plugins have proven to be a hacker’s fantasy and a lot of these aren’t even discovered for years.

Sometimes, with popular plugins, hundreds of thousands of sites can be affected, even when the plugins were built by experienced coders. 

Software vulnerabilities are just a fact of life generally – even Intel had their own major issues with the Meltdown bug…See more

In early October 2020, Siteground dropped a bombshell with its customers (changing policy during their non-refundable annual or multi-year Siteground subscriptions).


By changing its Terms of Service, effectively stopping ANY Siteground support help with WordPress-related problems… See more

The respected independent founder of the “WordPress Hosting” Facebook Group (15k+ members), Andrew Killen, compared Cloudways & WPX this way: 

“Cloudways is a hosting control panel that will implement a stack on a server they do not own and often takes a chunk of time to setup or get support. 

Please search the group here to see the number of complaints about (Cloudways) support being slow or non-existent” See more

As of August 2020, when you visit WPX, you will notice a few changes on our site, this blog and our Knowledgebase (the KB is a work in progress but we’re getting there!).

And firstly, let’s be clear, absolutely nothing else at WPX is changing apart from our design look, logo and main Web address – more on that in a moment.

Everything, and I mean everything, else is unchanged… See more

On May 29, 2020, Chris Wagner of published an expert roundup of 66 bloggers who were asked about their favorite hosting service.
A number of known entrepreneurs, small business owners & bloggers were asked these 4 questions:
1. What web hosting service are you using? And since how long?
2. What do you consider when buying a hosting service?
3. What do you like about your hosting service?
4. Do you use any specific plugins/tools to secure your website? If yes, which one/s? See more

You probably became an entrepreneur/solopreneur because you wanted to change your lifestyle right? More time with your family and/or travelling and independent freedom? For me, my motivation as an entrepreneur building WPX Hosting was a different take on change… See more

Now the evidence that I will present here has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the giant nature of these online brands but rather the fact that these are: [a] brands/sites that we all know, and, [b] they have terrible results on Lighthouse/Google Page Speed Insights. Again, their domain authority is NOT being measured by Google Page Speed Insights but their performance on Mobile is – in a frankly ridiculous way, more on that in a moment… See more

Obviously the whole reason to be an affiliate marketer is for the financial reward…here you can see how the ‘fine print’ matters when it comes to affiliate programs and why you should strongly consider promoting WPX Hosting to your audience… See more is an independent hosting review site run by a dude called Kevin Ohashi. Each year, Kevin runs a batch of tests – raw speed, uptime and load handling – on most of the major players in WordPress Hosting. Instead of declaring one single winner, Kevin awards the very best performers a rank called “Top Tier” status. WPX entered last year (2019) and achieved… See more

Here are the 5 most likely reasons why your WP Admin is taking an Ice Age to respond to anything – and what to do about it, apart from screaming out the window (which can still be therapeutic though)!

We are all hoarding WAY too many plugins these days – how many do you have on your WordPress sites now… See more

We are increasingly living in an age where more and more webmasters are concerned/frustrated/obsessed with their ‘Performance Grades’ or scores, especially on Google’s Page Speed Insights tool… See more

As the co-founder and CEO of (probably) the world’s fastest WordPress hosting service, often WPX customers will come to us being very alarmed about a seemingly bad ‘Performance Grade’ or ‘Performance Score’ on tools like Google Page Speed Insights, Pingdom Tools and GTMetrix… See more

If a website intended to display high quality photography lives on a poor, slow or badly optimized hosting service, that means a poor visitor experience as the pages will usually load very slowly.

In short, we’re all getting more impatient now and with shorter attention spans so it’s essential that… See more

SiteGround Vs Cloudways Vs Flywheel Vs WP Engine Vs GoDaddy Vs Bluehost Vs HostGator Vs A2 Vs Kinsta Vs WPX.

Yep, I am the co-founder/ CEO of WPX Hosting, arguably the world’s fastest WordPress hosting service BUT does that mean that my upstart WP hosting company can crush the major players when it comes to Elegant Themes’ Divi? See more

According to independent tests from Matthew Woodward and Kevin Ohashi, hardly any WordPress hosting service gets anywhere near the raw SPEED, support quality and VALUE for money of this fully Managed WordPress hosting service – for Germans too.

There are important technical reasons for that high performance but you don’t need to know about them unless you want to, you can just enjoy the “spectacular performance” (Kevin Ohashi from Review of… See more

There is already a mountain of jargon and technobabble around Web technology so let’s simplify and get to the bottom of this ‘time to first byte’ stuff together.

Let’s say you’re sitting at home and decide to visit YouTube.

You put into your Chrome or Firefox browser and wait to see the site load for you… See more

Kevin Ohashi is the founder of a review site called Each year, Kevin conducts independent tests to determine which WordPress hosting companies offer the best performance in terms of: 
– page loading speed around the world
– server quality, and,
– load handling, using 2 well known tools: Load Storm + Load Impact. Read the outrageous full story here

a.k.a. what to know if your page loading time doesn’t seem great (at first) on WPX.

So you have moved your beloved websites over from a horrible dinosaur hosting company to WPX and you expected hypersonic speeds but the folks at Pingdom Tools and GTMetrix ain’t so impressed (yet) and your score might look like this… See more

If you’re not a very technical person and you’re probably not if you’re reading this, speeding up a painfully slow WordPress site can seem difficult to say the least.

So I’m going to lay out – in NON-techy language – the simplest ways to massively accelerate your WordPress website, based on 5 key areas… See more

10 Reasons Why WPX Hosting Is THE Best WP Host In Australia (for marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers using WP).

#1: The co-founder and CEO is an Australian dude, Terry Kyle.

Read about his mission to disrupt/replace the horrible practices of dinosaur hosting companies with a new high-speed WP service, backed up by bulletproof customer support.

#2: WPX Hosting CRUSHED all competitors in a recent speed shootout in Sydney, according to influential blogger, Matthew Woodward… See more