Best Managed WordPress Hosting In Germany?

9 Reasons Why Is The Best Managed WP Host In Germany:

#9: Is FAST, Like REALLY Fast In Germany

At, we’re fairly OCD about speed and we found the existing CDN options like Stackpath (formerly MaxCDN, we used them in the past) way too inflexible for serious speed optimisation in WordPress so we built our own custom, 26-endpoint CDN, called the WPX Cloud.

Our own high-performance CDN is how we were able to crush every other company on speed across the world, including Germany from Pingdom Tools‘ Frankfurt test location there, in Matthew Woodward’s 12-company shootout against WP Engine, Kinsta, Cloudways, Liquid Web, A2, Pantheon, Dreamhost, SiteGround and GreenGeeks here:

And though does NOT have a test location in Germany or continental Europe, you can see how WPX clobbered the competition in their London testing location, especially on TTFB (Time To First Byte) – and that was for a site hosted in Chicago but served via our own custom, high-speed CDN (Content Delivery Network)!

Here was the overall global AVERAGE, according to as documented in Matt Woodward’s speed shootout here:

and global averages on Pingdom Tools:

Basically no other company, regardless of how big it is or well known as a brand, couldn’t get near WPX’s speed in Europe, even against much more expensive hosting services.

That’s because almost all content (images and text on your websites) on would be loading from our European CDN end points for European visitors to your website/s (our current European CDN end points include , see the full list of our CDN locations here).

So if you want German or European visitors to your website to enjoy a SUPERFAST experience when they come, WPX delivers – even if your website is hosted in Chicago, London or Sydney with WPX, German or European visitors will be getting your website content from Frankfurt, not Chicago or London.

And if your audience is international, these are the current WPX CDN end points (website content loads from the closest point in our CDN to each individual visitor, European locations BOLDED below):

  1. New Jersey, USA
  2. Chicago, USA
  3. Dallas, USA
  4. Seattle, USA
  5. Los Angeles, USA
  6. Atlanta, USA
  7. Kansas City, USA
  8. Silicon Valley, USA
  9. Miami, USA
  10. Toronto, Canada
  11. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  12. London, UK
  13. Manchester, UK
  14. Frankfurt, Germany
  15. Moscow, Russia
  16. Sydney, Australia
  17. Auckland, New Zealand
  18. Paris, France
  19. Tokyo, Japan
  20. Singapore
  21. Hong Kong, China
  22. Pune, India
  23. Johannesburg, South Africa
  24. Sofia, Bulgaria
  25. Sao Paulo, Brazil
  26. Madrid, Spain

#8: Has A 96% Excellent Rating On is arguably the biggest customer review website in the world and lists roughly 200 Web hosting companies.

Across almost 500 real customer reviews, many of which are long-term customers, our AVERAGE rating is 4.8 out of 5 with 96% of reviews rated EXCELLENT by our customers.


Simply because of the quality of customer support at

#7: German Customers Are The 6th Largest Country Group On

From Berlin to Bavaria and all other locations across Germany, is an increasingly popular choice for WordPress users and that is growing year-on-year:

#6:'s Kevin Ohashi Awarded WPX 'Top Tier' Status Across All Entered Categories In His Independent 2019 & 2020 Tests

Every year, Kevin Ohahsi, found of runs a series of independent WordPress hosting performance tests, checking on many different factors including loading speed around the wheel.

Instead of declaring one winner, Kevin awards ‘Top Tier’ status to the best performers in each pricing category.

In 2019 and 2020, WPX entered the under $25 category (WPX’s Business Plan – 5 websites for $24.99 monthly), $25-$50 category (WPX’s Professional Plan offers 15 website slots for $49.99 monthly) and the $51-$100 category (WPX’s Elite plan has 35 website slots for $99 monthly).

WP hosting services that performed well but not at Top Tier level were awarded an ‘Honorable Mention’.

In the under $25 category, here was the result:

and Kevin Ohashi commented on WPX that:

and in the $25-$50 category?

where Kevin wrote:

Finally, there was the $51-$100 category:

where Kevin summarized WPX’s performance as:

#5: Matthew Woodward Declared WPX The Winner By Miles In His Last WP Hosting Shootout (inc. FASTEST In Europe)

As discussed above on this page, influential blogger Matthew Woodward ran a 12-way test on WordPress hosts, including European loading speed, and concluded that:

#4: Unlimited FREE SSL Security Certificates At WPX

SSL certificates are something that Google pretty much insists on now, especially if visitors to your site need to fill in any personal information, be that from Germany or elsewhere in Europe or across the world. 

SSLs used to be expensive and as complicated as hell to install but you can now install UNLIMITED free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt (co-sponsored by Google) with a few clicks e.g.

#3: Unlimited FREE Site Migrations/Transfers Within 24 Hours

Moving websites from one host to another can be a huge hassle.

At WPX, we totally get that and it’s why we offer unlimited free site migrations from other hosts to WPX.

If you have a 5 website plan at WPX, we will move up to 5 websites for free, 15 websites on a Professional plan and 35 websites on our Elite plan.

There is no time limit on site migrations and we usually complete these within 24 hours.


We can migrate websites to a new domain name – e.g. from to – but this is paid service and costs $98 excluding VAT (it involves a lot of database editing work).

#2: ZERO Upsells - Unlike Every Other Host Out There has exactly ZERO upsells, most of which at other hosting companies are either [a] completely unnecessary, and/or [b] should be included in your hosting charge.

SiteGround expect you to pay – via their affiliate link – $200 a year PER WEBSITE to Sucuri to remove malware!

At WPX, there is no charge for that and we perform that across all WPX servers daily for all WPX customers.

Let’s look at another typical example of the ‘upsell shuffle’:


So if you’re fed up with endless upsells, there is a better way.

The WPX way.

#1: If Your Site Ever Goes Offline, We Fix It For You, FAST & FREE

The WPX ‘Fixed For You’ guarantee means that, when you run into a technical issue affecting the normal operation of your site, our Support Team will fix the issue for you, fast and free.

With technical problems like your site being offline or not functioning normally, most hosting companies will only send a link to an article on some difficult technical issue and expect their customers to:

1) read that technical article,

2) see how that relates to their specific website problem and,

3) fix the problem on their site themselves.

This broken, old-school approach is very frustrating, time consuming, and a totally backwards way of ‘supporting’ customers, in our view.

It’s like having your car break down and your mechanic expects you to read the engine manual and fix the issue yourself:

It’s crazy but it’s how most hosting companies operate.

Instead, with WPX, as soon as you see a technical issue that has knocked your site offline or seriously affected its performance, all you need to do is:

1) approach our Support Team on Live Chat, who respond in roughly 30 seconds (read about that here!),

2) they’ll check and briefly explain the problem, then,

3) they’ll fix the problem ASAP for free and get you back up and running normally without having to read difficult, technical articles – we can still send you an article if you want of course!

That’s our ‘Fixed For You (FFY) Guarantee’.

You can read more on the WPX Fixed For You (FFY) Guarantee here including what it does NOT cover.

In fact, in Matt Woodward’s recent 12-way shootout including WPX, most of the companies completely failed – or were unwilling – to undertake the required task, which WPX easily fixed (same for last 2 years):

Conclusions - Let's Recap How Much VALUE You Get With WPX: