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—Matthew Woodward

Back in 2020, Google announced that something called ‘Core Web Vitals’ would be a ranking factor for Google search results from May 2021 onwards. This announcement caused quite a ruckus among some Webmasters desperate to make sure that: [a] a poor Core Web Vitals score for their site wouldn’t drag it down in the Google rankings, and, [b] if a good Core Web Vitals score COULD help Google rankings, then they wanted to take advantage of that new development.See more

In light of some recent inaccurate comparisons between WPX and Kinsta that ‘accidentally’ omitted quite a few facts, I decided to set the record a little straighter with this comparison below (especially tests that don’t show the test URLs for independent verification: sneaky!)See more

Security vulnerabilities in (too) many plugins have proven to be a hacker’s fantasy and a lot of these aren’t even discovered for years.

Sometimes, with popular plugins, hundreds of thousands of sites can be affected, even when the plugins were built by experienced coders. 

Software vulnerabilities are just a fact of life generally – even Intel had their own major issues with the Meltdown bug…See more

In early October 2020, Siteground dropped a bombshell with its customers (changing policy during their non-refundable annual or multi-year Siteground subscriptions).


By changing its Terms of Service, effectively stopping ANY Siteground support help with WordPress-related problems… See more

The respected independent founder of the “WordPress Hosting” Facebook Group (15k+ members), Andrew Killen, compared Cloudways & WPX this way: 

“Cloudways is a hosting control panel that will implement a stack on a server they do not own and often takes a chunk of time to setup or get support. 

Please search the group here to see the number of complaints about (Cloudways) support being slow or non-existent” See more

As of August 2020, when you visit WPX, you will notice a few changes on our site, this blog and our Knowledgebase (the KB is a work in progress but we’re getting there!).

And firstly, let’s be clear, absolutely nothing else at WPX is changing apart from our design look, logo and main Web address – more on that in a moment.

Everything, and I mean everything, else is unchanged… See more

On May 29, 2020, Chris Wagner of HostingPill.com published an expert roundup of 66 bloggers who were asked about their favorite hosting service.
A number of known entrepreneurs, small business owners & bloggers were asked these 4 questions:
1. What web hosting service are you using? And since how long?
2. What do you consider when buying a hosting service?
3. What do you like about your hosting service?
4. Do you use any specific plugins/tools to secure your website? If yes, which one/s? See more

You probably became an entrepreneur/solopreneur because you wanted to change your lifestyle right? More time with your family and/or travelling and independent freedom? For me, my motivation as an entrepreneur building WPX Hosting was a different take on change… See more

Now the evidence that I will present here has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the giant nature of these online brands but rather the fact that these are: [a] brands/sites that we all know, and, [b] they have terrible results on Lighthouse/Google Page Speed Insights. Again, their domain authority is NOT being measured by Google Page Speed Insights but their performance on Mobile is – in a frankly ridiculous way, more on that in a moment… See more

Obviously the whole reason to be an affiliate marketer is for the financial reward…here you can see how the ‘fine print’ matters when it comes to affiliate programs and why you should strongly consider promoting WPX Hosting to your audience… See more

ReviewSignal.com is an independent hosting review site run by a dude called Kevin Ohashi. Each year, Kevin runs a batch of tests – raw speed, uptime and load handling – on most of the major players in WordPress Hosting. Instead of declaring one single winner, Kevin awards the very best performers a rank called “Top Tier” status. WPX entered last year (2019) and achieved… See more

Here are the 5 most likely reasons why your WP Admin is taking an Ice Age to respond to anything – and what to do about it, apart from screaming out the window (which can still be therapeutic though)!

We are all hoarding WAY too many plugins these days – how many do you have on your WordPress sites now… See more

We are increasingly living in an age where more and more webmasters are concerned/frustrated/obsessed with their ‘Performance Grades’ or scores, especially on Google’s Page Speed Insights tool… See more

As the co-founder and CEO of (probably) the world’s fastest WordPress hosting service, often WPX customers will come to us being very alarmed about a seemingly bad ‘Performance Grade’ or ‘Performance Score’ on tools like Google Page Speed Insights, Pingdom Tools and GTMetrix… See more

If a website intended to display high quality photography lives on a poor, slow or badly optimized hosting service, that means a poor visitor experience as the pages will usually load very slowly.

In short, we’re all getting more impatient now and with shorter attention spans so it’s essential that… See more

SiteGround Vs Cloudways Vs Flywheel Vs WP Engine Vs GoDaddy Vs Bluehost Vs HostGator Vs A2 Vs Kinsta Vs WPX.

Yep, I am the co-founder/ CEO of WPX Hosting, arguably the world’s fastest WordPress hosting service BUT does that mean that my upstart WP hosting company can crush the major players when it comes to Elegant Themes’ Divi? See more

Cloning a WordPress site can be useful for a number of reasons, such as moving a site from one domain to another e.g. from terrykyle.net to terrykyle.com after the .com became available to buy.

In this step-by-step walkthrough, we are going to be using the free version of the ‘Duplicator’ WP plugin on WPX Hosting… See more

There is already a mountain of jargon and technobabble around Web technology so let’s simplify and get to the bottom of this ‘time to first byte’ stuff together.

Let’s say you’re sitting at home and decide to visit YouTube.

You put YouTube.com into your Chrome or Firefox browser and wait to see the site load for you… See more

Kevin Ohashi is the founder of a review site called ReviewSignal.com. Each year, Kevin conducts independent tests to determine which WordPress hosting companies offer the best performance in terms of: 
– page loading speed around the world
– server quality, and,
– load handling, using 2 well known tools: Load Storm + Load Impact. Read the outrageous full story here

a.k.a. what to know if your page loading time doesn’t seem great (at first) on WPX.

So you have moved your beloved websites over from a horrible dinosaur hosting company to WPX and you expected hypersonic speeds but the folks at Pingdom Tools and GTMetrix ain’t so impressed (yet) and your score might look like this… See more

If you’re not a very technical person and you’re probably not if you’re reading this, speeding up a painfully slow WordPress site can seem difficult to say the least.

So I’m going to lay out – in NON-techy language – the simplest ways to massively accelerate your WordPress website, based on 5 key areas… See more

10 Reasons Why WPX Hosting Is THE Best WP Host In Australia (for marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers using WP).

#1: The co-founder and CEO is an Australian dude, Terry Kyle.

Read about his mission to disrupt/replace the horrible practices of dinosaur hosting companies with a new high-speed WP service, backed up by bulletproof customer support.

#2: WPX Hosting CRUSHED all competitors in a recent speed shootout in Sydney, according to influential blogger, Matthew Woodward… See more

According to independent tests from Matthew Woodward and Kevin Ohashi, hardly any WP hosting service gets anywhere near the raw SPEED, support quality and VALUE for money of this fully Managed WordPress hosting service – for Germans too.

There are important technical reasons for that high performance but you don’t need to know about them unless you want to, you can just enjoy the “spectacular performance” (Kevin Ohashi from Review Signal.com) of… See more