#FFY Guarantee


From Terry Kyle, CEO of WPX Hosting;
There is one thing that makes us different from pretty much every other hosting company out there; we have a personal philosophy here at WPX Hosting when we have customers in need, it’s our:

‘Fixed For You’ Guarantee

This “FFY” guarantee means that, when you run into a technical issue with your site, the WPX Support Team will fix the issue for you, fast and free.

With technical problems, most hosting companies will send a link to an article on some difficult technical issue and expect their customers to:

1) read that technical article,

2) see how that relates to their specific website problem and,

3) fix the problem on their site themselves.

This procedure is very frustrating, time consuming, and a totally backwards way of ‘supporting’ customers, in my view.

It’s like having a broken down car and your mechanic just tells you to read the engine manual and then fix the issue yourself:


It’s crazy but it’s how most hosting companies operate today.

Instead, with WPX Hosting, as soon as you see a technical issue with your website:

1) approach our Support Team, who respond in roughly 28 seconds (read about that here!),

2) they’ll briefly explain the problem and,

3) they’ll then fix the problem ASAP and get you back up and running normally without having to read difficult, technical articles – we can still send you an article if you want of course!

That’s our Fixed For You (FFY) Guarantee.

Does it cover every possible scenario?

Not exactly.

The main purpose of the FFY Guarantee is to get an offline website back LIVE as fast as humanly possible.

Usually, this is possible within seconds or possibly a few minutes cin more severe cases.

Think of us as your F1 racing pit crew, getting your car racing again.


Some problems are much deeper though, such as a badly written plugin breaking a website and in need of deactivation to keep the site working.

In a case like this, that plugin itself probably needs rewriting and obviously that isn’t something WPX can do. Using an alternative plugin with similar functionality is often a good workaround but we cannot recode other people’s plugins.

Nonetheless, we can fix the majority of issues for you FAST and FREE in most cases.

If you are unsure about any aspect of our Fixed For You (FFY) Guarantee, please approach the WPX Support Team.