How Andrew is managing 500+ websites with WPX

Brand Builders was established by Andrew James as a sort of Done-For-You website agency, providing high-converting niche websites to those in need. It is backed up with more than 8 years of experience, in which time they’ve created over 500 websites!

Running such an agency as Brand Builders is a tricky business as it relies heavily on the hosting provider.

Over the years, Andrew James has placed Brand Builders in the hands of many hosting companies, such as Digital Ocean, Bluehost, HostGator and several others. As a high-demand company with thousands of customers reliant on its constant service, Brand Builders needed a hosting provider to keep up with its needs.

“We’re using our hosting accounts for both our and our
clients’ sites. It’s crucial that the hosting is in good shape and
that any potential glitch is resolved in a timely manner.

Andrew knew he needed one main thing for his dream company:

Reliable and practical customer support to solve problems faster than they could cause trouble. Customer support that was always available and able to fix things for you.

Andrew realized that this was the mentality he prized in Brand Builders and the approach he valued when conducting his own business. Andrew’s project was facing a slight problem however – it was growing. Fast. He needed stability and support to maintain the momentum of Brand Builders’ growth. The biggest factors that would get Brand Builders to the stable ground Andrew needed were: Speed of hosting, ease of setup and, most importantly, strong customer support.

Moving websites from one hosting provider to another is daunting enough but that applied double for Brand Builders, and with it all that Andrew had worked to maintain for his customers. Thankfully, moving Brand Builders over to WPX Hosting went swimmingly and as Andrew put it, the whole process was:

“really easy. [It] took literally 5 minutes to have my site up and running”.

 Andrew then had access to WPX Hosting’s array of free features, including the Enterprise-level DDoS protection, malware scanning and removal, as well as the new manual backup and staging features. Out of the long list of features, Andrew said:“I really, really like the one-click SSL installation. It’s something I use for all our sites and it’s a really nice feature to have.”

With Brand Builders back on track and powered by WPX Hosting, Andrew James gave a word of advice to all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there. After overcoming his own struggles and building his own business, Andrew felt the best thing for others out there was to:

“pick one thing you’re good at and stick with it. Don’t try to be a jack of all trades. Excel at that one thing and the money (and everything else) will come.”

Andrew had one last comment to make about WPX Hosting;

“Awesome customer support, super-fast page load
times, ease of installation, free SSL + a lot more ;)”

Andrew James of