SiteGround Vs WPX: More Different Than You Might Think

By Terry Kyle
Australian, Chief Dog Lover/Co-Founding CEO,
Arguably The World’s Fastest WP Host

Even though SiteGround and WPX are both headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria (a major tech hub in the EU with a big presence here from HP, SAP, DXC etc) and we both focus on Managed WordPress Hosting (we define it like this), there are important differences between the two companies that will affect your experience as a hosting customer.

To fairly compare SiteGround and WPX, I will use the “GrowBig” plan at SiteGround and the entry-level “Business” plan at WPX.

Firstly let’s check out SiteGround’s GrowBig offer:

On this plan, we are offered “Unlimited Websites” and “Unmetered Traffic”.

The only problem – and this is a big issue across all hosts offering unlimited anything – is that your plan is not unlimited, something SiteGround themselves admit elsewhere on their own website:


Server resources are always finite, which means that nothing is unlimited, even with a dedicated server. Elsewhere on the SiteGround site, they also say that:

“11.9. When using the Services, you will ensure that neither you nor any of your End Users make use of the Server resources to SiteGround’s detriment or that of other SiteGround customers.”

In other words, if your SiteGround account is using too many server resources, they will probably shut down your site and/or account:

Limited resources are a common complaint against SiteGround on Facebook and sometimes Trustpilot e.g.

Other features of this SiteGround plan that are quoted include e.g. 

– Free WP Installation (no host charges for that)
– Free WP Migrator (WPX manually moves sites to us within 24 hours)
– WordPress Autoupdates (no host charges for that and doing this automatically can break your website, not recommended)
– Free SSL (freely available from also at WPX)
– Daily Backup (every host does this)
Free CDN (free Cloudflare CDN whereas WPX’s is our own custom, high-speed CDN, more on that below), Free Email (also free at WPX).

Where SiteGround does beat WPX on this plan is with allocated disk storage, 10 Gb at WPX compared to 20 Gb at SiteGround. At WPX, we have found very few customers ever exceed 10 Gb on that 5-site plan but SiteGround’s plan has double the disk space, if you think you need it.

Let’s have a look at WPX’s “Business” plan:

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SiteGround Prices Double On Plan Renewal?

The biggest complaint out there about SiteGround is the big price hike when the introductory period ends:

When the first introductory period ends, in 1, 2 or 3 years, depending on what the new customer chooses when they sign up, then the price will go up by 2.5x the original price.

I see a couple of fundamental problems here:
[a] SiteGround don’t offer a monthly plan so how would a new customer have any idea about whether the service is good or not before committing to a long subscription, and,
[b] this pricing model seems to punish customer loyalty

What Is WPX's Pricing Policy?

At WPX, our prices haven’t changed since December 2013 and there is no price hike at any point for the same service.

Our entry-level Business Plan is $24.99 for 5 websites, the same price as SiteGround’s GrowBig plan after the introductory offer finishes.

One area though where the price of hosting at SiteGround can really blow out though is with malware removal.

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