What Is The Connection Between WPX.net & Every Dog Matters EU?

By Terry Kyle
Australian, Chief Dog Lover/Co-Founder WPX.net (With Georgi Petrov, CEO)
Arguably The World’s Fastest WP Host

‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ is where companies contribute money or other resources to causes they believe are worthwhile.

When it comes to animal welfare, especially for unwanted, homeless, shelter, at-risk and disabled dogs and some cats, WPX has taken this a step further. 

Maybe 2 or 3 steps.

Instead of leaving responsibility to permanently fixing a big issue to someone else, WPX created its own nonprofit NGO in 2019, EveryDogMatters.eu with the single ambition of eliminating – forever – the main animal welfare problems in Eastern Europe, where we are based.

Why and how did we do this?

Why We Created Every Dog Matters EU?

As the co-founder and CEO of WPX.net, I have always been a huge dog nut – I have 3 dogs and (currently) 10 cats at home.

12 of those 13 animals were rescues off the street and they’re all wonderful animals.

But for those dogs and cats that aren’t lucky enough to have found their forever homes, they often face a difficult, dangerous life.

On the streets, homeless dogs are often kicked, beaten, poisoned, shot at or run over by cars. Serious diseases such as distemper are also common.

Some of these homeless dogs end up in government ‘shelters’ for the rest of their lives, which are more like concentration camps for dogs who did nothing wrong. 

A big part of the mission of Every Dog Matters EU is to permanently end this kind of tiny-cage suffering for dogs everywhere. In these types of shelters, dogs live entire lives alone in small cages or are in hopelessly overcrowded small group cages, deprived of everything they need for a full, healthy life:

How Is Every Dog Matters EU Making An Impact?

In the same way that WPX disrupted WordPress hosting with innovations like our sub-30 second support response time on live chat, our own Content Delivery Network (for greater speed), free malware removal and Fixed For You Guarantee when sites screw up, Every Dog Matters EU is also actively disrupting the broken old model of tiny-cage shelters, government apathy and non-existent law enforcement against animal cruelty with our ambitious project of transformation – funded in large part by WPX.

You can follow the challenging journey of Every Dog Matters EU on Facebook here, Instagram here or our website here.

Our rescues, Frankie (now rehomed) and 3-legged Bella (in foster care currently) thank you for stopping by.

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